Jimmy Buffett at the MGM in October

For more than 50 years Jimmy Buffett has been helping people feel good and relax with his music. Originally from Alabama, Buffett was inspired by the Beach Bum lifestyle and today spends much of his time in the Caribbean, where he writes music from the inspirational island setting.  This multi-talented songwriter, singer, businessman, and movie producer has been making people happy with his music among other ventures for a long time. There is nothing like kicking back with an ice-cold beer and listening to some of Buffett’s Caribbean beach lifestyle tracks like “Margaritaville” or “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere”.

Buffett’s music has been the life of the party and the theme of beach vacations for many years, so imagine how awesome it would be to see Buffett live. Jimmy Buffett’s concerts are fun, upbeat and an all around good time for the whole family. His music, inspired by the beach life in Key West and the Caribbean, combines country and light rock with an island twist to suit just about everyone’s taste in music.  Jimmy Buffett in concert guarantees a great time for everyone in a fun, stress free, vacation environment. Get your Jimmy Buffett tickets to see him perform live at the MGM in Las Vegas in October.