Jason Andrews joins Crazy Horse Paris in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is something more than Sin City. Rather, it is a metropolis seemingly existing on the edge of reality and reason, a world in which anything is possible and there is always something new to discover and astound. Jason Andrews, a contemporary classic magician, has arrived at the MGM Grand for the final run of Crazy Horse Paris at its home for 11 years and will continue this tradition and perhaps be a part of the show once its new home is announced.

Andrews grew up in this enchanting city. Enchanted by the shows on the strip he would become a magician, one whose international accolades number 25, the same as his age. His arrival at Crazy Horse is really his return, as his growing stature as one of the most talented and entertaining magicians in the world has taken him to three continents and countless countries.

Yet, he is perhaps best known for his performance two years ago on “America’s Got Talent”. He has certainly sharpened his show since, creating a seamless show combining a sense of class and tricks paying homage to those magicians of yesteryear with youthful vigor and a terrific sense of humor.

As part of Crazy Horse Paris’s last run at the MGM Grand he will do more than simply take the stage as the 12 incredible beauties of the cabaret change and prepare to seduce the crowd with a sense of grace and sensuality unmatched throughout the world. Jason Andrews will be just as mesmerizing, perhaps taking advantage of the alluring performers to take part in his act.

Crazy Horse Paris is ending its time at the Grand on October 1, 2012. The Sin City mainstay will not be gone for long, certainly providing another resort and casino on the strip with an exquisite demonstration of the elegance and charm of the female form. Before this, however, Crazy Horse Paris will embark on an U.S. tour, likely taking Jason Andrews along for another chance to demonstrate his talents to cities from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Crazy Horse Paris tickets for these final shows are available now at VegasTickets.com