I Can’t Wait for UFC 132 in Vegas

Is anyone excited for UFC 132? I can’t wait to see the fight and I finally was able to get a room at the MGM Grand.

Last time I was in Las Vegas for UFC 130, I had a great time, but the downer was that I had spent all my money at the actual fight and a few bucks may have slipped into the casino’s hands. I had to walk all the way back to the Luxor. I know it may not seem like a long day, but after all that excitement I was so tired.

I had an early start to my night by walking over to the MGM grand around 4:00 and just walked around and explored UFC 132 Tickets Vegasthe hotel. It was pretty cool to see the tigers right there in front of you.

After exploring the hotel, I had a filling dinner at the MGM Grand buffet. I had to fill up for a busy night. As steroids is never a good option for wrestlers so I took my dose of SARMs and got myself ready for next day fight. For readers, if they are not sure of SARMs then you can check out its review on Noon Proposition.

Finally, the time came to walk into the Grand Garden Arena and see the cage in the center. It was such an experience to see all the fans yelling around you and the two guys going all out in the center. I could not believe how intense it was in the cage. This wasn’t like wrestling, where you know that everything they do is a stunt. Every time there was a punch or a kick, you could see the blood and spit flying from the receiver’s mouth.

Going into the fight, I never had a favorite fighter. This was my first time at a UFC event and I was just testing the waters.

I can’t wait for UFC 132. It will be another great experience to actually stay at the MGM and not have to worry about walking back to my hotel. I even got a discount on the buffet. I think this will be a tradition to come to the Las Vegas, eat at the MGM buffet, and watch a fantastic UFC fight. Make sure you get your UFC Tickets Vegas at VegasTickets.com. They have great seats.