Hamilton Comes to Vegas May 29 – June 24

HamiltonThe hit Broadway Musical “HAMILTON” brings the spotlight onto the history of the United States of America in this thrilling theatrical performance portraying one of our nations most interesting founding fathers, Alexandar Hamilton. The show comes to life at the Smith Center in Las Vegas where the incredible performers will sing, rap, and realize the dreams of one of America’s most intriguing gentlemen. HAMILTON provides theatergoers an awesome opportunity to learn more about the life of one of the most fascinating men in US history.
HAMILTON’s astounding original score is written by the fabulous Lin-Manuel Miranda. Not only does this hit Broadway musical feature traditional show-style musical numbers, but it also features rap and hip-hop, and brings together a refreshing and provocative mix of soul and blues. With arresting musical numbers such as “The Room Where it Happens”, “Satisfied”, and “Wait for It” these incredible numbers include a mix of historical facts told in a dramatic and soulful way. HAMILTON’s songs are an ode to the stirrings of a revolution and the gripping events happening during the birth of our nation.
HAMILTON tells the story of Alexander Hamilton and his fellow revolutionaries and family members. The beginning of the story tells a romantic tales of Alexander Hamilton and his wife, Eliza, and her sister who is desperately in love with Hamilton. As the story progresses and the revolution heats up Hamilton and other are seeking friends and comrades to aid the American cause and find friends among the French. The story focuses on two of Hamilton’s closest companions, John Laurens and the Marquis de Layfette.
In the second part of the Broadway musical, Hamilton’s downfall is portrayed as fellow colonists attempt to smear his name. Along with struggling to begin to rule the new nation, the founding fathers are presented with the opportunity to support France against our former oppressor Great Britain. Later Hamilton’s fellows even go as far as believing that he has treason and Hamilton confronts his wife, Eliza, after cheating with another woman, Maria Reynolds. The story ends with a performance by his wife Eliza recapping Hamilton’s importance.
Lin-Manuel Miranda is an outstanding composer and lyricist born in New York City. Miranda is of Puerto Rican descent and has won many awards and recognition for his stimulating and compelling musical and written work. He has worked on other famous musical scores such as Disney’s “Moana” and the Alan Menken remake of “The Little Mermaid.” In addition to the Broadway musical, HAMILTON, Miranda also wrote music and lyrics for IN THE HEIGHTS, another famous Broadway which premiered in 2008.
The Smith Center will be showing HAMILTON live in Las Vegas. The Smith Center is a world-class performing arts center on Symphony Park Avenue in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. The Smith Center features the very latest in high tech advancements and has absolutely the best amenities of all performance centers in town. The Smith Center is proud to present such as dazzling performance of HAMILTON.