Gwen Stefani Concerts at Planet Hollywood

Gwen Stefani to perform at Planet Hollywood.

Gwen Stefani Vegas ConcertVery early in the year, rumors began to swirl around about the former No Doubt front woman setting up shop in Sin City, securing a deal for the coveted Las Vegas Residency. The rumors were true! She joins Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears who all opted for a Vegas Residency to crown their stellar music careers. Best believe the show titled Gwen Stefani- Just a Girl’ is one for the books.

The singer-songwriter just can’t stop shocking her fans. She is choosing to sing live throughout each set, even during intense choreography. Many performers prefer to have their microphones turned off, to catch a breath and spare the audience from heavy, about to collapse, unpleasant breathing, but the pop songstress is keeping it on. Not to worry, she is still sounding fresh as ever, connected to her music and on key. If you think about how much talent she has and experience she’s amerced all through her career, such a decision really is no surprise. Fans can expect her to leave it all on the stage.

During an interview with Billboard, she expressed joy and honor that she was to be able to have her own show in Vegas. The 48-year-old remembered growing up in Anaheim, and never imagined that she would one day have her own residency in the city. She has been very fortunate throughout her career, and a Vegas Show is the icing on the cake.

Gwen also spoke about fashion and how culture has always been an inspiration to her. Her great-grandmother made her grandmother’s clothes, her grandmother made her mother’s clothes, and when she was younger, Gwen’s mom made her clothes. She loves how fashion can be an extension of your personality and portrayal of your mood. Vintage, old Hollywood pieces appeal to her and no decade in the history of fashion doesn’t grab her attention. Expect some fun, out of the ordinary, statement pieces on and off the stage.

Caesars Entertainment, Stefani and Live Nation Las Vegas have come together with the Cure 4 the Kids Foundation. This partnership will see a $1 donation to the Foundation for every ticket sold. The foundation aims to provide lifesaving treatment options to children regardless of whether they have good, bad or no insurance at all. Stefani also partnered with Madame Tussauds Las Vegas to auction off a guitar signed by her, with all proceeds going straight to the Cure 4 the Kids Foundation.