Golden Night’s Dazzling Pregame Show

The Golden Knights revealed their latest opening program during the last game of the season against the Colorado Avalanche. Since their inaugural season, their pre-show has been a hot topic in the NHL including raving reviews, other teams discussing it on social media and love from the fans. 

Ayron Sequeira, the Knights’ executive director for entertainment production, can describe the show as a combination of Cirque performance, an action movie and one epic battle. Sequeira decided to change up the program because of the Knight Code, which states “to always advance and always push forward.” She felt that if they kept the same opener from their first year they wouldn’t be upholding the code. 

The opening begins with the summoning of a Golden Knight whose mission is to fight the villain, which changes based on who the team plays that game.The theme surrounding the battle is winter, bringing footage of Mount Charleston to the audience. The cinematic elements soon transform into on-ice battle with skaters who are dancers or extras in one of the many Cirque shows Las Vegas offers. 

The team that puts this show together each night is composed of nine full-time employees, over 100 others who operate as camera operators, mascots, cheerleaders, dancers, drumline members and stage managers. One of the biggest obstacles the team faced was the timing, but after spending hours they were able to nail their performance on game day. 

Knights fans’ can expect quite the spectacle when they come out to support their team!