George Strait at T-Mobile in Vegas Aug. 23 & 24

For those who love country music, George Strait will be coming to Las Vegas, NV to perform live in front of the welcoming crowds. With over three decades of music recording, George Harvey Strait, “King George” is a singer, actor, songwriter and actor who has had an impact on popular culture.

George Strait’s music is considered under the genre of neotraditional country and Western swing as he sings and plays his guitar for both new and those diehard fans that have seen him perform through the years.

Strait delivers a distinct cowboy look that brings a signature style along with the strong emotion and feeling of his songs. King George was a singer that brought that country music sound back to its roots while cutting away the pop sound of the country genre in the ’80s.

While Strait started his career in the mid-70s, his music took off in popularity in 1981 with his first single called “Unwound.” George Strait’s popularity increased during the 0s with each of his albums that he put out. Producing seven albums that reached #1 on the country music charts, Strait’s music was becoming a large part of the country music scene.

Regarding the awards and the recognition that George Strait has received, he was named the Artist of the Decade. Fans of talented country music artists will be in for a really good time by singing and dancing at George Strait concerts in Vegas in August.

Hear melodious songs like “Heartland,” “When Did You Stop Loving Me” and “I Cross My Heart” by a bonafide talent like Strait. King George was elected into the Hall of Fame for Country Music. And he has also been named the Entertainer of the Year for CMA in 1989 &1990 as well as in 2013, which is a testament to his strong influence in the country music genre.

Born in Poteet, Texas in May of 1952, George Strait’s music reflects his “Lone Star” roots. In addition to being a musician, Strait earned a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Southwest Texas State University — currently known as Texas State University. Listen to the stories and lyrics of an amazing singer who has has been certified as the twelfth best selling music artist in US history.

King George has lived up to his name with a career record of 70 million in sales. And Strait has many other notable achievements. He is third on the list among world-renowned artists at the top like Elvis Presely and The Beatles for having the most platinum and gold albums in music history.

From Strait Country (1981) to Honky Tonk Time Machine (2019), Las Vegas will get a exciting set of music from George Strait’s 30 albums. There is a song from King George’s vast music catalog that is sure to touch your heart with his deep, meaningful lyrics.

Listen live to the only artist in music history to earn a top ten hit for 30 years straight. Enjoy a George Strait concert Las Vegas with friends and family as you sing along with other fans of country music this summer.