Eric Clapton Concert at T-Mobile on Sep.13th

Guitar legend Eric Clapton is set to perform a concert in Las Vegas in September this year. Las Vegas is but one of the stops in the string of shows that he’ll be doing for the Crossroads Guitar Festival. This is certainly an opportunity not to be missed by fans of Slowhand, who has had a great share of success all throughout his enduring, lengthy career.

Clapton is one of the few musicians that have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame more than once (three times to be exact). A testament to the sheer skill he possesses as a guitarist is the mere fact that he places second in the list of all-time top guitarists by Rolling Stone magazine. His rise to the top of the musical echelon seemed apparent from the start as he was consistently exposed to music as a child. Though he had shown a keen proficiency for guitar-playing from early on, it’s only during his time as a member of the Bluesbreakers did his skill with the instrument truly shone out. It’s also during this time that he earned his other nickname, od’.

That being said, Clapton is always open to many collaborations as evidenced by the numerous associated acts he has taken part in for the entirety of his still on-going career. The Yardbirds and Cream are but two of the other bands that are crucial in honing his talents as a musician (not only in guitar-playing but in composing and singing, as well). It’s during his tenure with Cream when the hits hite Room’ and unshine of Your Love’ were produced. Clapton also collaborated plenty of times with another master guitarist, none other than the Beatles’ George Harrison. Together, they crafted memorable hits and performances, especially with songs like adge’ and hile My Guitar Gently Weeps’. EC also has a tendency to handpick the band members that he will play with during tours, a habit that he developed later on in his career when started to go solo more often. This specific Eric Clapton concert in Vegas in September is no exception with familiar and returning faces joining him.

His greatness as a guitarist could also not be more apparent in the myriad of hits that he has produced in the long span of his career. After all, who among us isn’t familiar with hits like onderful Tonight’, ay Down Sally’, ears in Heaven’, hite Room’, and fter Midnight’? These are but some of the songs that propelled his status as a music legend he is currently enjoying.