Duran Duran Concert Coming To Las Vegas

duran duran vegas

The residents of Las Vegas have a reason to smile because this year, the world famous pop band Duran Duran will be visiting their city. The band will be having a tour of their latest album, Paper Gods, in the city this year. This is reason enough to send excitement waves throughout Las Vegas, because the hallowed band is nothing short of fantastic. Their concerts are way above average; they do rock. In anticipation of this concert, this article will give you a walk down memory path, from the bands beginning to their current world famous state.

Tiny Beginnings
Known for their chic dressing style, this band of good looking men has had quite a long climb up the ladder of fame. The idea of forming a band was conceived at a bar in Birmingham, way back in 1978. The founders of the band were the keyboardist Nick Rhodes and bassist John Taylor. Later on, Roger Taylor was added to be the drummer, and much later, Andy Taylor joined as lead guitarist. Simon Le Bon later joined as the lead vocalist of the band, and is probably the most known member of the band. It is quite an interesting coincidence that three of the bands’ members are called Taylor, but more even of greater interest is the fact that none of them is related to another. Intriguing, isn’t it?

How the band came up with their name is an equally interesting tale. Two of its founder members, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor, used to work in the Rum Runner nightclub as DJs and bar tenders. When they decided to pair up and perform in this nightclub, they needed a name for their band as was the norm back then. Incidentally, they both loved a character in the science- fiction film, Barbarella, named Mr. Durand Durand. This character was played by Milo O’Shea. So in the search for a name of their newly formed band, they chose to name it in honor of this character, and the name has stuck for decades.

The band has had numerous changes in as far as membership is concerned. In the span of the more than thirty five years of the bands existence, it has lost a record eight members, with the latest being Andy Taylor. Currently, the band comprises of four members, who have carried on the legacy of the band.

What Sets Duran Duran Apart From Other Bands?
Duran Duran was quite a sensation in the 1980’s. Their music received global acclaim for being the very best; they literally rocked their every concert. This is band that also places great importance on appearances and looks. Always dressed to kill, the members of this band are nearly as famous for their dress code as they are for their musical talent. The band has held the art of being well dressed with such great honor that they were among the first bands to hire a professional stylist and rock designer outfits. You simply can’t blame all the ladies who nursed a soft spot for these stylish and elegant young men, particularly in their heyday.

Owing to their talent, hard work and dedication to make good music, the band has received numerous awards. Among their most notable awards are two Grammy awards, two Brit awards and even an MTV Video Music Award for lifetime achievement. All of these are coveted prizes that the band undoubtedly deserved in recognition of their excellent works.

Duran Duran is a trendsetter for sure. Did you know that this was also among the very first bands to get a video of their song shot by professional directors with 35 mm film movie cameras? This was quite a huge step in embracing technology, and it paid off because the video was of a much higher quality than most of the time. What is more, this was one of the first few bands to produce remixes of their own songs. Talk about being trendsetters.

Duran Duran, Musically Speaking
Of course, Duran Duran has earned its fame through music, so their music deserves its place in the limelight too. Songs by this band have charted in both the billboards of the United States and the United Kingdom, which is no mean feat to achieve. Some of their most notable songs include Rio, Electric Barbarella, Hungry like the Wolf, Finest Hour and the controversial song, Girls on Film. In total, the band has sold over a staggering 70 million records. Talk about popularity and great music!

The band has recently released the latest album, Paper Gods, which has been received with great enthusiasm by their fans. The lead single for the album is titled “Pressure Off”. The album has certainly kept up with the expectations people have of the band, and any concerts for this album are very promising.

The Las Vegas Concert
Duran Duran is going to bring Vegas down in their tour of the Paper Gods album. The Duran Duran Vegas concerts are characterized by an atmosphere charged with excitement, lots of dancing and plenty of good music. It is a concert you cannot afford to miss, unless you want to miss out a lifetime chance of through entertainment by one of the world’s favorite pop band.

There is a reason why Princess Diana named them her favorite band, and this is due to the remarkable ingenuity the band possesses as far music is concerned. Princess Diana so cherished the band that they were asked to perform at her memorial service in 2006. It goes without saying that the concerts of this band are way above average. In case you have doubts about this, purpose to attend one and all those doubts will forever be dispelled from your brain. After all, isn’t seeing believing?
From their dress code to their music, no other band spells the word excellence better than Duran Duran. Only these musicians know what they do with their instruments and voices to make such magical music. People of Las Vegas are extremely lucky this year because they will be hosting this band of worldwide renown in their city this year. For music lovers, the Duran Duran Vegas concert is a must-attend for an unforgettable experience and great entertainment.