Coldplay is coming to Las Vegas

Coldplay Vegas Concert

Coldplay Vegas Concert

Fans of Coldplay will be pleased to know that the band is coming to Las Vegas later on in the year. Per custom, tickets are going to be sold out and so history dictates that anyone planning to attend the gig should find their tickets on time to avoid the last minute mad rush. Visit us touroftoowoomba for upcoming concerts .The band played at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in September 2014 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and it was a sight to behold. So we expect nothing less this year! Visit cmsmd to get latest updates .

Who is Coldplay?

For those who may not be well-versed with rock music and great icons, Coldplay is a British rock band that was formed in 1996. The band has a massive following. Consisting of Chris Martin, the lead vocalist, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion, Coldplay has churned out spectacular albums such as Ghost Stories (2014) and A Head Full of Dreams (2016) and chart-topping singles for about a decade now.

A Head Full of Dreams Tour

A Head Full of Dreams Tour kick started in March 2016 and is based on Coldplay’s seventh studio album released in November 2015. The Ghost Stories Tour in 2014 had seen the band play in smaller, low-key arenas and this 2016 tour sees the band go back to main arenas and stages. The tour will be conducted throughout Latin America, North America, Europe and Oceania. The number of shows will differ in each but for North America which has 22 shows scheduled; Coldplay Las Vegas is definitely on the menu in September.

Lianne La Havas and Alessia Cara will be the supporting acts for different legs of the tour. Lianne will be the supporting ct in the European and Latin America tour while Alessia will be on the North American tour. Lianne comes on straight from her own tour that started in July 2015 and will be taking on her first stadium performances in Latin America. Alessia, a Canadian artist known for her 2015 album titled ‘Know it All’ is an interesting addition to the tour and will be on the North American tour on all dates except three, where Lea Lu, a Swiss artist will step in. Alessia will be turning 20 during the tour and this will be a great opportunity for her. Not to say that fans will be disappointed either. Alessia Cara has grown as an artist and warmed the hearts of many with her RnB/ Pop sound which appeals to various demographics and not just the younger folk. So, Coldplay Las Vegas will get to enjoy the lovely and talented Alessia Cara as the main supporting act.

Expected set list

‘Hymn for the Weekend’, ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ and ‘Yellow’ are some of the songs expected to be on the set list. These are some of the more popular hits with the first two songs being from the seventh studio album, A Head Full of Dreams, which has sold over three million copies and topped iTunes at number one in over eighty countries. Other songs that have been played as part of their sets on the earlier legs of the tour include ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall’ and ‘Always in My Head.’ The band is confident that any set list they use will be spectacular. Years into their career, the members of the band have mastered the art of working together to produce beautiful sound. Their cues, on and off stage, harmonize into one great performance and so set lists are the least of their worries. The fans are confident in this also as the band has not been known to disappoint in their performances. ’Electric’, ‘exciting’, ‘performance of a lifetime’ are some of the words used to describe Coldplay concerts which gives every fan who is waiting for Coldplay Las Vegas excited to see just what the set list will comprise of.

Current updates and reviews on the tour

If it is anything to go by, Coldplay graced the Super Bowl 50 halftime show earlier on in the year and did not disappoint. Coldplay Las Vegas will be hosted at the T-Mobile Arena. The Latin America and Europe tours have been spectacular, with shows sold out and great reviews from fans. In Mexico, in the second of three nights of the tour, over fifty thousand people filled up the Foro Sol Stadium. This should whet the appetites of all those looking forward to the U.S tour. It may be a biased but usually, you save the best for last. And Las Vegas is one of the last stops in the U.S tour.

Why attend the tour concerts?

Anyone who knows anything about rock music has the tour dates marked in their calendars. Seeing Coldplay perform is one of those things that people who love rock music have on their bucket list. It is a chance to see the greats perform and it simply cannot be squandered. The band has undergone a metamorphosis of sorts in both their personal lives and music careers yet they have still managed to come out on top, with even more to offer their fans. Any true fan or music enthusiast in all the tour stops would not need convincing that this is one of the most exciting events of the year.


Any fan of Coldplay in Las Vegas or surrounding areas should be gearing up to get tickets for Coldplay Las Vegas. That is if you haven’t already gotten yours at the early bird rate. They will soon run out and you will miss out of the opportunity to experience exhilarating performances from this popular band. With the positive reviews from fans who have attended earlier legs of the tour to the historic performances that the band has given over the years, the Las Vegas show is bound to be every bit as great as, if not greater than any other performance that Coldplay has given in Las Vegas before. It is not a show to miss. And if you still need more convincing, why not keep up with the tour dates and the different cities and look for reviews for the different shows. Chances are that you will be the first in line to enter the stadium once September is here!