Coco Austin is the New Peep Show Star

Peep Show has a new star and her name is Coco Austin. The star of Ice Loves Coco has branched out and become the second E! Reality television star to headline the longest running show at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. From this December to March 2013, she will take the stage and embark on a sexual awakening. Unlike many of the big names to come through and play Bo Peep,CoCois going topless, awakening the audience.

She seemed an intriguing choice from the beginning of these talks.CoCo certainly may be the most amply endowed of the former stars to take on the role, being stacked on top and on bottom. She has made it clear that she is always searching for a way to extend her brand, but only if Ice T can remain by her side. The two rarely spend time apart and Ice still has a career. So, though this gig is definitely within her wheel house, it seemed a long shot. Then again, so did her brief stint as a weather girl on Good Day New York.

She has made it work, channeling her previous experience as a glamour model and as a dancer and owning the stage. Now, when I write she has a background as a dancer, this does not mean she has even slid down a pole for money. Always with an eye toward stardom, her childhood inAlbuquerque,New Mexicowas spent learning to move to jazz, ballet, and tap. If anything, CoCo Austin may be the most qualified celebrity ever to where the white corset and translucent white stockings, making this a chance to find Peepshow tickets to see the best of all the babes live during the 12-week limited engagement.