Bruno Mars Dec. 30 &31 at T-Mobile Arena

Bruno MarsFor more than a decade, Bruno Mars has been a constant
presence on out television screens. The musician shot to fame in 2009 with the
hit singles Nothin’ on You and Billionaire. Since, then, the star has never
looked back, and the world has been uniquely blessed to listen to him. As Mars’
stock rose, so did his passion to put out music that appealed to the happy, the
sad, those going through tough spots in life, and those who just need a good dose
of music. In many ways, Bruno Mars is the meeting point between the
past and present. His style reminds us of the classic showmen of the 80s and
The 90s while at the same time adding a retro touch to things, and this style has
proven to be a winner, helping him draw plenty of praise from critics and
supporters alike. His social media presence is massive, and his Twitter, Instagram
and Facebook accounts have hundreds of millions of followers. This is evidence
to the enduring nature of Mars’ music and his penchant for putting out music
that tugs at the heartstrings of audiences from all walks of life, regardless
of age, gender, race or class.

In many ways, Mars is the retro showman that people who were around in the 80s want to see, packaged
in a chic edge that the younger, savvy generation craves for. His music showcases
a number of styles, with influences from pop, R&B, rock, reggae, hiphop
, and soul. This gives his music mass appeal and allows the artist to experiment
with all the facets of his limitless talent.

Many fans rarely get an opportunity to see their stars perform, but the good news is that
you will soon have an opportunity to attend a Bruno Mars concert in Vegas, and
if you live in the area, you simply can’t afford to miss the event!