Billy Idol at House of Blues

International superstar, singing legend Billy Idol is coming up on his 40th anniversary soon.  The English rock musician and actor first achieved fame with the punk rock band Generation X.  As a member of the MTV-sponsored “Second British Invasion” of the United States, Idol embarked on a solo career.  Smash hit videos for songs such as “Dancing with Myself,” “White Wedding,” “Rebel Yell,” and “Eyes Without a Face” helped skyrocket him into being one of MTVs first stars.  Idol and guitarist, Steve Stevens both had unique styles that played well off each other, one punk rock the other glam rock.  His U.S. debut song and video “Dancing with Myself” played on MTV for six months.  Idols acting roles are limited to a cameo spot as himself in the 1998 film The Wedding Singer and a small role in the film The Doors where he portrayed Jim Morrison’s drinking pal, Cat. His musical accomplishments are numerous and vary as Idol has collaborated with far too many musicians to mention he was asked to be a guest vocalist on Tony Iommi’s album.  Billy Idol’s success comes from a variety of reasons, from his unique willingness to try new things or re-invent old ones his popularity continues to grow.  His willingness to play festivals, continue touring and reaching out to his fans and giving them what they also make Billy Idol the legendary musician he is today.  His music is just as famous as he is, with songs “Rebel Yell” and “White Wedding” being used in the video games, Guitar Hero World Tour and Rock Band 2 in 2008.  His release in 2014 of his eighth studio album “Kings & Queens” of the Underground was a huge success and helped launch his next run of tours.  A total of about thirty-one dates, Idol roars along, no signs of slowing!  2016 will see Billy Idol taking his first residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada for two separate runs.  Las Vegas is excited that the punk rock legend will be calling the city home even for a short time because having a name like Billy Idol in residency will bring fans from far and wide to see one who is arguably one of the greatest musicians in history.   2014 also saw the release of his self-penned autobiography, “Dancing With Myself” in October of 2014 via Touchstone.  Nominated for various awards “Cradle of Love” won Best Video for a Film in 1990 and Billy Idol won Best British Video in 1991.  Recently Idol took to the stage and guested for the return of Jonesy’s Jukebox and some major festivals from the Isle of Wight Festival and Download Fest in the UK to Outside Lands and the Austin City Limits Festival here in the USA.  Billy has not been stopping to ask if there is still a market for Punk, Idol demands room, he demands your attention, even those who have never cared for punk will stop to listen to his passionate, vibrant, bold voice.  He gives hope to those who can only see bleak in the world he hopes to give them a reason to yearn for a better future and to know that life can be as fulfilling as they want it to be if they just reach out and dream so big it becomes their reality!  Showing them how by making many of the mistakes publicly and saying his road has always been anything but smooth, by his choices admittedly.  Idol now stands before the world as an improbable survivor not only of drug abuse and a horrendous motorcycle accident but also the fickle tastes of the ’80ss nostalgia buffs.  Idol’s obvious address of his wild and wily ways in the album “Kings and Queens of the Underground,” as well as his memoir, Dancing With Myself, is his attempt at facing any and all criticisms directly.  Idol has not veered from his roots into anything else for the entirety of his career other than his Christmas album, of course.  He never allowed it to define him either though nor limit him.  His boyish good looks were in complete contrast to what “punk” was wrongly perceived to be, which was rotten and ugly.  Idol showed the world that just like most everything, punk is not only one thing.  Getting his name from a teacher who wrote on a report card that “William is idle,” which prompted him to begin using the pseudonym Billy Idle which later on, of course, became Billy Idol.  Fitting him perfectly because during his rise to fame, Billy Idol, while part of the punk rock movement never really fit in with the other misfits.   With his exceptional good looks and his flamboyant style, Idol can mold the environment he is in by branching out on his own, even with his look.  The normal leather and denim of punk dress-code had become to limiting for Idol, so his customized look of home-dyed T-shirts and colorful accessories became a new wave and as popular as their creator.  Billy credit himself with taking sounds from Disco at the end of the ‘70s with rock and reggae influences and the speed of The Ramones with the weirdness of Kraftwerk and fused them together to give his fans the music they love today!  If you think his new music sounds a little poppy, well the punk rocker says “Maybe what I was making wasn’t what people thought of as punk rock anymore because they had a very narrow vision of what punk was in the beginning.  Because they got caught up in it being just The Ramones.  Whereas I saw punk rock as like this…”  Come out to Las Vegas in 2016 to see an unforgettable sensational live show put on by the king of punk rock himself, Billy Idol, live and in concert for double residency dates in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Make sure to check out our easy to use website for show dates and tickets to all of these upcoming shows.