Best Ways To Save On Cirque Du Soleil Tickets In Las Vegas

With Las Vegas being one of the premier adult travel destinations in not just the United States, but rather the world you can bet there are quite a bit activities to do at night with all the concerts, shows and gambling that Vegas has to offer you will consider visit sites like maxbet and money. Of all the potential ways to spend an evening in Las Vegas there are few better options than attending one of seven the world-renowned Cirque Du Soleil shows that take place on the strip just about every day. Here we highlight the five best ways to save on Cirque Du Soleil tickets in Las Vegas.

1)      Check the Primary Market: Cirque Du Soleil tickets in the primary market can be purchased through their own website at or through Ticketmaster for all 19 shows that are showcased all over the world.  Ticket prices may vary depending on demand and type of show patrons attend.  For instance, their shows in Las Vegas are some of the top priced shows of the year as the Zarkana show at the Aria Resort & Casino has a face price of $75.90 as the cheapest face price ticket to $198 as the most expensive face price ticket.

2)      Check Secondary Market sites: In North America, secondary market ticket sites like Vegas Tickets and Stubhub has been the way to go for ticket buyers over the past few years.  Purchasing Cirque Du Soleil tickets on these websites are simple as consumers simply use a credit or debit card for purchasing tickets.  Once a consumer makes a payment, they have the option of having a ticket delivered to their mailing address or the ticket can be instantly downloaded and printed out.

3)      Check Aggregators: Aggregator ticket websites are those that list many sellers in one easy to find place so consumers can have the most information at the time of purchase and there get the best deals on tickets.  These sites provide a number of options for Cirque Du Soleil tickets with no charge of additional fees to buyers and should be checked out .

4)      Check Craigslist:  Ticket buyers also have the option of looking on Craigslist for Cirque Du Soleil tickets as there are some posts for tickets daily for all 19 Cirque Du Soleil events.  However, consumers must take caution when going this route as there is a lot of fraud surrounding this type of market.  Buyers should use good judgment and do not pay by via mail order.

5)      Buy from a scalper in front of the Venue: Ticket buyers should leave this as a last resort for purchasing tickets from a scalper as there is no guarantee that these tickets are legit.  However, if necessary consumers should be able to spot these sellers around any venue that Cirque Du Soleli may be performing at.

Tips: If looking to attend these events it’s encouraged that consumers plan in advance to purchase Cirque Du Soleil tickets in order to get the best seats possible at the most affordable prices.  Tickets go fast for these shows as there is limited ticket inventory for all the scheduled Cirque Du Soleil events this month.

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