Lynrd Skynyrd at T-Mobile Arena Aug.16th

Lynrd Skynyrd is an iconic southern rock band which was founded in Jacksonville Florida in 1964. Three of Lynrd Skynyrd’s most popular tracks are the southern anthem “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Freebird” and “Simple Man”. If you’d love to be able to sing along to Lynrd Skynrd’s timeless songs, don’t miss your chance to attend the […]


Paul McCartney at T-Mobile Arena June 28 & 29

For those who are fans of legendary bands from Liverpool, England like The Beatles or even the ’70s pop sensation, Wings, music fans will be aware of the preeminent British singer, songwriter and musician, Paul McCartney. Paired up with fellow musicians like John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr of The Beatles during the ’60s […]