Aerosmith Residency in Las Vegas – A Sojourn in the Sin City like Never Before

Deuces are wild, but you probably don’t want to miss a thing! Well, that’s because Aerosmith, America’s greatest and all-time top-selling rock ’ roll band, will be turning the heat on in Las Vegas with their headlining residency. It’s confirmed, dates have been set and Aerosmith will headline residency at the 5,200-seat Park Theater at the Park MGM Hotel and Casino in The Strip. A run of 34 shows beginning on April 6, 2019 to December 4, 2019 will be held in glitzy style to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary.

From their heydays in the 0s to their glam zeitgeist of the 1980s, there’s a reason why the “bad boys from Boston” achieved unparalleled commercial success and continue to be popular today. The band has not only weathered the ever-changing tides of rock ’ roll but has constantly reinvented itself to surpass their poufy-haired peers. The band’s music canon of biggest rock hits and unwavering blues, pop and R&B hooks have transcended generations to become indispensable in the music world. For these reasons, you wouldn’t want to miss Aerosmith’s Deuces are Wild sojourn in the Sin City.

This is obviously not the first time Aerosmith has performed in Las Vegas. However, it will be totally different. You’ll be able to experience something you wouldn’t be able to witness on a regular Aerosmith Tour. The shows will feature never-seen-before
visuals and audio and you’ll have the chance to make history by immersing yourself right in the heart of Aerosmith’s recording sessions.

With a number of countless hits, it’s probably easy to lose track of the bands smash singles. Nonetheless, the imagination of Steven Tyler’s age-defying voice perfectly handling the rigidities of songs such as “Chiquita,” “Monkey on My Back,” “Night in the Ruts” and many more will have your eyes oiled with tears of joys and nostalgia.

This residency shows promise to showcase the authentic Aerosmith, its guts across decades and a whole new element that has never been witnessed before. In addition to having the chance to hear the stories behind the band’s songs, you’ll be able to experience the kind of things that make Aerosmith thrive in Las Vegas every now and then.

Whether or not you’ve attended Aerosmith’s show in the past, there’s actually no reason why you can’t mark your calendar for the band’s latest run in the Strip. While it has become common knowledge that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, this time will be different. You’ll experience the 50th anniversary of arguably the most prominent band in American history and take with you memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.