Aerosmith Has Confirmed A Las Vegas Residency For Sin City Fans

Iconic Rock Group Aerosmith begins their Vegas Residency with Shows beginning in April.

Aerosmith fans in the Sin City have a reason to rejoice as the rumors of Aerosmith in Vegas are finally confirmed. The Boston hard rockers have officially announced that they will be heading to Vegas to launch the euces Are Wild’ residency next year.

According to sources, the Grammy-award winning band will play 18 shows joining the ranks of Lady Gaga, Queen + Adam Lambert, and Blink-182.
The residency promoted by MGM Resorts and Live Nation will be the first-ever THX-Certified performance to be presented in an L-ISA Immersive Sound. The band has teamed up with THX and L-Acoustics to deliver an out-of-the-world experience.
Producer Giles Martin who was responsible for the sound for Beatles’ Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas will offer rare and unseen audio and visuals from Aerosmith recording sessions.
On their plan to launch a residency in Las Vegas, the band’s guitarist Joe Perry said that the team wants to deliver a kind of performance that isn’t possible when they are on a regular trip.
With this show, the band wishes to create a performance that has everything that Aerosmith is known for yet deliver something that the fans have never seen or heard before.
The Sin City has seen several bands over the years and Aerosmith is one of the biggest rock band legends to grace the city. They are America’s best-selling rock bands of all time with more than 150 million records sold internationally.
Steven Tyler, Ray Tabano, and Joey Kramer formed the Aerosmith band in 1970 after signing up with the Columbia Records. They went on to deliver a string of hits such as alk This Way’, weet Emotion’, and ream On’. They also released their self-titled debuts such as anie’s Got a Gun’, and on’t Want to Miss a Thing’.
Their 70s heydays marked by sleazy rock and seismic riffs made way for the 80s sensational metal zeitgeist that rode them to a new commercial height. They again made a comeback in the late 80s with some chart-topping numbers.
In 2001, Aerosmith was included into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; and in 2013, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were included in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Unlike their peers, Aerosmith has weathered the shifting tides and sustained in the music industry by constantly reinventing themselves.
From the sinister tracks to the sugary hits, their songs appeal to people from all generations and that makes them an indispensable figure in the music world. In other words, Aerosmith in Vegas is sure to attract people of all ages and discerning taste in music.
Here are a few things fans can expect at the residency featuring Aerosmith in Vegas:
Watch the band dig into their Blues and R&B roots that won them fame and fans nearly 50 years ago, and before they won Grammy and the platinum plaques.
Expect the band to play the singles from their classic albums to their finest full-lengths. Get ready to listen to ocks’ oys in the Attic’ and et Your Wings’.
Tyler never fails to share some of the fascinating backstories behind the popular gems like ovin’ Out’, which was the first song he and Perry wrote together.
Listen to the band play solo tracks from Tyler’s 0s band and Joe Perry’s 1980s debut project. They are all a part of Aerosmith’s 50 years legacy.
As a die-hard fan, you can look forward to an ultimate experience of watching Aerosmith in Vegas in their residential act slated to launch next year.