Black Sabbath Tickets

Black Sabbath Vegas Concert Tickets

Black Sabbath Las Vegas Concert Tickets

Arguably one of the greatest heavy metal bands of this generation, Black Sabbath has through the years been a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Having started out as far back as 1968, they have maintained their sound and this is what has led them to sell over 70 million albums worldwide. That puts them in the rankings of the world’s best artists of all time in so many polls that you can not miss them in any. Be it Rolling Stones magazine, VH1 or MTV, they have always been ranked among the best and they rightly deserve their spot. They have been cited as the pioneers of heavy metal and the fact that they maintained this all through the years is something that is worth admiring from this band. With original members like Tony Iommi who is still the main songwriter, Geezer Butler who still is in the band to this day as lyricist and bassist, the singer in the band Ozzy Osbourne and the only member who is not with the band presently, drummer Bill Ward. These are the original founders of the band and you can see them live in Las Vegas. Having to see them live on stage is one of the best gifts that any heavy metal fan can ever give himself and you have the opportunity to do that. So, Black Sabbath in Las Vegas is something that you should make plans for.

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Why attend this concert?

You might be asking yourself that if you have never been to any of their concerts or if you are not much of a concert-goer. The truth of the matter is that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and who knows when they will retire and you won't ever get to see them again. Seeing one of the greatest bands of our time doing what they do best on stage is one of those things that not so many people get to brag about. You will also be having an opportunity to get to meet them so that you can always have special memories of this band. There are so many reasons that you should get to see them and get to see what Ozzy can be like when he is on stage. If you have always been seeing this on their concert DVDs then you now have the chance to see them live.

Rumors of retiring

There have been a lot of rumors going around lately that the member of the band could be on the verge of retiring and this actually is one of that news that you just hate to hear as a fan. However, it will be extremely hard for you to live knowing that you had an opportunity to see them live but you chose not to. It is therefore up to you that you get to actually make it to this concert and see Black Sabbath in Vegas for a single time in your lifetime. If they do actually get to retire which will be really devastating, at least you will have gotten a glimpse of them on stage and felt what that’s like. Anyway, the fact that they are actually thinking about retiring the music industry is a major blow to every fan out there and for those that can’t make it to this Vegas show, maybe they will just have to live with the fact that they never saw Ozzy live on stage with the band. So, make your way to Vegas and have you the time of your life.

As a number one fan, this is a must see

If you claim to be a true Black Sabbath or heavy metal fan, then you know that this is not just something that you shrug off and say that you won’t get to see. If you have followed their journey all through the years and have always kept tabs on what they are up to, then you know that this is a must see. Although there has been line up changes all throughout the years, the fact still remains that they put out some of the best heavy metal albums of the 70s and 80s. Having these albums in your collection is something that you will absolutely never let go of and now you have the chance to see them. If you are also a North American Black Sabbath fan, then this might be a golden opportunity for you that might not come twice. If you have been to any of their shows before, you know how amazing and unforgettable those moments are and with this Vegas one, it will be just the same and even better as they might never come back this way again.


Although there are so many personal reasons that you might have for wanting to see Black Sabbath in Vegas, the one that remains unanimous in all the fans is memories. You do want memories that will last with you for the rest of your life and this is what this show promises to be. You won’t be disappointed at all because if you ask any fan that has ever been to any of their concerts, there is no disappointment at all from these guys. You will have the time of your life just singing along to their greatest hits as Ozzy Osbourne does what he does best on the stage. Considering the number of fans that will show up at this event you will be moved just by the sheer number of the fans that will be here. Therefore you need to get your tickets and start preparing for this great show that will be the highlight of the years that Black Sabbath have been together. This is the kind of stuff that you will carry with you for a lot more years to come. So, make yourself memories that will be with you for the rest of your life by going to this concert to see one of the greatest bands in heavy metal of all time.


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