Bad Boy Family Reunion Tickets

Bad Boy Family Reunion Las Vegas Concert TicketsBad Boy Family Reunion Vegas Concert Tickets

Bad Boy Records has been in the industry since the 90 s and as it seems will be here to stay for a long time to come. This is due to the increasing number of success regarding artists’ sales that have been witnessed all over the years. There have also been a lot of artists that have passed through this stable like Notorious BIG which is considered among one of the best hip-hop artists of all time. Other notable acts that have been members include 112, Faith Evans, Mase and so many others. Bad Boy Family is now on tour, and they probably are doing this for the last time for most of the acts that will be there. Bad Boy Reunion in Vegas will be one of the stops on this tour that has made a lot of headlines and is really what a lot of people are looking forward to. That 90s nostalgia is being brought back with the amount of artists that are coming through on this tour and the in particular ones that will be in Vegas. Below are some of the big names as well as all the amazing things that will happen in Vegas that you can expect.

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Faith Evans

One of the most iconic RnB artists of the 90s, Faith Evans, will be on this show in Vegas, and you will have an opportunity to see her if you never did or if you saw and would like to again. Faith Evans is an amazing artist as she has always been and her at this concert will make it even more glamorous and memorable. Performing some of her greatest hits and some new ones that you might not have heard of, it will be a show that you can’t afford to miss. She will also get on stage with other acts from the Bad Boy Family that you probably haven’t heard of for a long while and would like to again. What you need to do is get your tickets early because a lot of people are expecting this and it might get sold out in no time. Faith is an incredible artist and the fact that she is still strong and her voice is as amazing as ever is something that you just can’t miss. So get your tickets for BadBoy Reunion in Vegas and you will have a fantastic time seeing this iconic RnB figure once again on stage.

Carl Thomas

It has been a long time since a lot of you heard about Carl, and it is about time that you get to experience his great voice again. This is a multi-platinum selling artist that took the industry by storm back in the 90s, and his hits remain favorites to many to this day. It is in this light that when you get your Bad Boy Reunion in Vegas show tickets, you won’t regret a thing about it, and you will have a fantastic time there. Just watching Carl Thomas on stage performing some of his best songs as well as being joined on stage by other acts that have evolved in this stable through the years is an amazing feeling. Many critics have described the show as a homecoming show, and it is dubbed as one of the best reunion concerts that there have been in a while. So, be sure to have an electrifying show from Carl Thomas who has put his best in this throughout this tour that has taken the nation by storm. So, get prepared for the best time of your life at this show.


Multiple platinum recording boy groups 112 will also be headlining the show, and you can expect nothing less than what they have always given out all through the years as they have been together. This is one of those groups that have withstood the test of time, and they are still making some of the new acts look bad. If you loved the band back in the day, then you are no doubt going to love them at the Bad Boy Family Reunion in Vegas that will be a show to remember. 112 are one of the best acts in the RnB genre and the hits that they have from way back are still songs that you can pay attention to. They still have the moves that you can expect from them that they have been doing ever since. Despite their age, they are still rocking the stage like never before, and you will love every dance that they put on stage. As they have proven in all the concerts that they have been on this tour, they still got it, and it will be an electric performance that can only be pulled off by them. 

New Age Artists

These are the artists that were not there in the 90s and have been signed recently by the stable to make sure that it still survives these times. The acts have done so well with acts such as French Montana being one of the hottest artists in the industry at the moment. Janelle Monae who was signed back in 2008 by this stable has been one of the most outstanding artists of the last decade or so, and her presence can’t be missed. She is an amazing artist and having heard her in so many records as well as her hit singles; you can’t afford to miss this show. Machine Gun Kelly too who has put out a couple of albums with notable tracks from them is also going to be there as well as so many other artists that you may not hope to find. The show is dubbed to be one of the best that this year will offer in Vegas, and you will be amazed at the lineup of the incredible artists that will be there. So, get your tickets ready for one of the best shows that this year will offer, and you won't be disappointed at all at the level of adrenaline that will; be coursing through your body as you live some of the best moments thanks to some of the best acts of the 90s and today in Bad Boy Family Reunion in Vegas.

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