Art of Rap Festival Tickets

Art of Rap Festival Vegas Show TicketsArt of Rap Festival Vegas Show Tickets

Ice-T team up with SiriusXm to brings you the Art of Rap Festival 2016. The biggest celebration of hip-hop as the most influential cultural movement of the ages, this tour is more than an appreciation for the art form. Old school Hip hop culture will once again take the center stage.
The second tour Art of Rap since Ice-T acclaimed documentary “Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap,” be ready to expect the same level of entertainment and performance, as Ice-T enlisted some pretty legendary all-star line of the century. An 8-day extravagance festival will shake the nation, starting from Dallas’ Gexa Pavilion, all to Detroit’s Freedom Hill Amphitheatre.
Of course, the city of Las Vegas will receive its visit, with equally renowned lineup, in Downtown Las Vegas. The luxurious trappings and the strip of broken dreams are going to be transformed into the rhythmic hip-hop hub of the nation on 23rd of July as the festival takes over. 
Who can you expect to bring their hip-hop stylings to Sin City?

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Public Enemy
One of the most radical rap group that define their own era, Public enemy features deep gunk and relentless beats with their often chaotic music. Chuck D’s forceful vocals, perfectly foil for this comic partner Flavor Flav. Thus, they created a good balance between the Flavor Flav’s visual fidelity that only proof to emphasized their music. Soon enough the late 80s embrace them as one of the most influential musicians. Their celebrity status would only garner them more attention, with lyrics and military stance that would spark controversy to their side.
Grandmaster Melle Mel & Scorpio
The R&B lyrical leader of mid-80s, the Grandmaster had concocted many legendary tracks. The classic rap classic that offers a glimmer of social aspect behind the hip-hop culture, “The Message” was written by none other than Melle Mel himself. Although having been in and out multiple (failing) groups, his subsequent success as one of the best lyrical artist would continue to put him at the top of the hierarchy in the industry. Not to mention, Scorpio will continue to back him up like he once did in the Grandmaster Flash & the Furious five, to create another magnificent hit in this coming Art of Rap festival.
Sugar Hill Gang
Although remembered as one of the history’s greatest hip hop band that won away a multi-platinum-seller hit “Rapper’s Delight,” they gang would face an unfortunate end. They are certainly one of the old school influence of the hip hop culture that eventually bring it to the world when they're infectious single sold more than 8 million copies. As far as the trend goes, they would never succeed better than that on hit wonders back in 1979. Certainly, they will continue to be forever regarded to one of the hip-hop bands to carry this art form into the mainstream.
One of the most prominent hip-hop group emcees Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith sub is set to take the stage in the Art of Rap Festival in Vegas. The duo that is still active after 30 odd years, even surviving two breakups in 1993 and 1999, they continue to evolve the genre starting with their first album “Strictly Business.” With heavy use of rock breaks and lifting funk, the duo popularizes the movement of hip hop towards the more electronics. Their most successful single “Crossover” becomes a hit, their biggest one to this date, ironic since it is about hip-hop getting influenced by the pop culture in order to get the attention of the mainstream audiences.
Naughty by Nature
Chart popping catchy anthems and the strict cred to back up their reputation in the hardcore rap community, Naughty by Nature is by far one of the groups that had managed such a delicate balancing act. Created back in high school, they would later be discovered by Queen Latifah while performing at talent shows, who would mentor them under her management company to their first debut. Their first release would feature the chart hitter “O.P.P” that instantly raise their status so far. And yet despite the mainstream popularity, the gritty ghetto sensibility would make them reputable in the rap communities. Their success would be repeated in their next album when it has to be reviewed, once again going platinum. 
Mobb Deep
The golden age of rap does not only popularize the West coast gangsta. The East Coast is not lacking behind either. Mobb deep gains the reputation of the New York rap community with their momentous 1995 album. Prodigy and Havoc would set the standard for the future generations of would be local rappers, with their subsequent release in 1996 to be likewise successful. While they would end up going more and more mainstream, they once again return to their magnum opus when they join 50-Cent, to rekindle their passion in The Infamous.
Kurtis Blow
Arguably the first of the rappers to make it commercially successful, Kurtis Blow would remain in the history of hip-hop to bring the genre into the mainstream. That is not to say that his charisma and rap music does not contribute to his success. Being the first rapper to ever sign with a major label, we would open the Pandora box into the generations of major label rap artists as his single land a gold with “The Breaks,” tours, or the general celebrity musician status you would expect. He is the first rapper to make it big and cement rap as a marketable platform that is used for various ways. While his style would not age as well, he would remain the legend of this time that had the immense influence on the art form to be respected today.
Hosted by Chief Rocker Busy Bee
Last but not least, the MC of the festival, Chief Rocker Busy Bee. Another founding father of the hip-hop genre, the comedic rapper gain a following as he plows through MC battles across the nation to win the World Supremacy belt. He would remain as one of the most influential MC in the community, and would present his talent as one of the world’s best in the coming Art of Rap Festival which is always sheduled to enhance unity.

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