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David CopperfieldDavid Copperfield Shows Las Vegas

Venue: MGM Grand


You’ve seen him on television making the Statue of Liberty disappear, navigating the rapids of Niagara Falls and flying over the Grand Canyon, now see master magician David Copperfield up close and personal for his Las Vegas Residency at the MGM Grand!


Watch as he re-creates his famous illusion of walking through the Great Wall of China using a large metal sheet in which he will effortlessly pass.  Audience participation is also a big part of the show, in one act he asks a volunteer to examine a piece of tissue paper before rolling it into a ball and making it levitate and dance along his arm with the tap of a finger!  Spectators across the globe are left astonished after his performances, one in particular raved, “This show is definitely the one to see in Las Vegas. It absolutely blows your mind!! How does he do it!!?? It's better than any magic/illusion show I've ever seen - his show is more than an illusion show...there's humour, storytelling and so much more!”


David Copperfield ShowCome see why the US Library of Congress named David Copperfield a living legend!  The illusionist has also been pronounced the most commercially successful magician in history by Forbes magazine and has earned 11 Guinness World Records, 21 Emmy Awards for his television specials, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and knighthood by the French government!  Additionally, Copperfield has sold 40 million tickets to his various shows and grossed over $4 billion, which is more than any other solo entertainer in history.


After 30 years of performing, the 58 year old is still reinventing himself and has some major plans for future illusions.  He has confirmed that he wants to put a woman's face on Mt. Rushmore, straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa, make an island disappear, and even vanish the moon!  Considering the entertainment tycoon manages a chain of eleven islands in the Bahamas, Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay, we know his island feat will be one not to be forgotten!


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see the world famous illusionist up close; reserve your David Copperfield tickets in Las Vegas now.

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Miscellaneous Information:

When David Copperfield is not chilling with Rick Ross or adding rare Martin Luther King audio tapes, he is performing at the Hollywood Theatre at the MGM Grand. An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion is the best of the many illusionist shows on the Strip. David Copperfield tickets for this incredible event have drawn reviews of Grade A from the local Las Vegas Review Journal and such high praise from Oprah Winfrey as to deem him the greatest illusionist of the time and have kept him and his parade of supermodel caliber assistants in demand in the 21st century.

David Copperfield Las Vegas Magic does not rely on gothic tones, dark humor, or any other distraction to amaze his audience. He figures the less the better in a show every audience member is trying to dissect. This is a challenge when there are thousands watching from seats directly in front of the stage. When the stage is a 360 degree set, it raises the bar. This is a truly inspirational illusionist exhibition and the reason why the man whose feats actually tempts death and has led to a long list of injuries for him and his assistants is always ahead of those who would gladly replace him atop the field of illusion and those who still call the craft magic.

An intimate of Grand Illusion is much more than just a chance to see another David Copperfield show, but a chance to see a show that celebrates his incredible career and accomplishments. Like all illusionists, Copperfield is going to search out willing participants from the audience, just so the crowd knows that when they have their mind blown it is accomplished by an incredible performer who can trick someone a mere foot away.

David Copperfield performs in spurts (how else would he have found time to hang out with a one of the most popular rappers in the game?), but for those weeks he is performing, the show is a twice daily event at 7 and 9:30 pm, with an additional 4 pm show on Saturday. David Copperfield tickets for the Vegas event are appropriate for all ages, so any magic and illusion enthusiast may enjoy the demonstration of mind over reality (or at least perception).

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