Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl Announces Extension With Mountain West

by Josh Moore on November 18th, 2013

Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl announces extension with mountain west; this means that this game will continue, and many fans of this particular game are happy with this decision. This extension is good until just about the year 2020. It is a little ways away, but the administration of this bowl game are already planning on a defense for the year 2020, so that another extension could be given. This game will be played on national television on the twenty first day of December, and the kickoff will take place before one o’clock. The best team from Mountain West will play against a pac-12 team. These will be two good teams trying their best to win the game. This marks the twenty second volume of the game, and every year a larger crowd attends. The game will be televised live on all local ABC networks.

Royl Purple Las VegasThis year, the tickets are ranging from twenty five to one hundred dollars. The crowd is expected to be the largest of all time, and, the Las Vegas Bowl website will be streaming the entire game. This streaming will also include extras like: interviews, injury reports, and much, much more. Those who cannot by tickets are able to stream the entire game online. This is great for people who are on the go, but want to watch their favorite team win the big game.

To Mountain West, this is the biggest game of the season. This is the game that fans and the entire population wait for the entire year. A lot of people make a full day out of it by tailgating and showing up as early as possible. Here, fans from both tears have fun and enjoy each others company. This game is worth every penny it costs to get there and enjoy the atmosphere with friends and family.


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