Pandas Take over the Venetian with New Show

by Josh Moore on November 4th, 2013

Superstars are most admired around the globe by many due to their spectacular performances whenever invited for a concert. Panda’s take over the Venetian with a new show and it’s expected to be a big event in Las Vegas. Being the first ever Chinese-made show to be hosted in the Venetian, the residence and people around you cannot miss this show. The group promises to rock and dazzle the senses of many as it prepares to combine high-flying acrobatics, kung fu mastery, music Panda Las Vegas Venetianand dance in order to win many fans and make the show lively to anyone. The show is expected to be of its own class and you can’t miss out on this as panda’s take over the venetian with new show.

Panda is a one of a kind concert that is expected to leave the audience in total joy as it will have one of china’s top treasures, pandas who are expected to stage a visually stunning show that will leave many with unforgettable moments. The group being well known for their impressive shows especially during ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympics, the upcoming new show is expected to be spectacular and the place to be is no other than The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. The Venetian has a good reputation for hosting and providing world-class shows to Las Vegas residence and tourists, therefore, it’s expected to offer good services to audiences in order to make this show a successful and a lifetime one. The hotel has spacious suites, world-class dining and entertainment which make it suitable for hosting this event and making it a memorable one. Don’t miss out on this big event that is Coming Soon!


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