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Billy Joel is at the MGM Grand on June 7, 2014

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Are you eager to hear that Billy Joel shows are coming soon? It is at high note to know that a famous Billy Joel will come back once again to Las Vegas, for a one night show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday June 7.

The recital is entitled to mark the Billy Joel’s first alone headlining appearance at MGM Grand since 2009.

However, Billy Joel is one of the most popular and top-grossing vacationer in the artist industry. The singer/ composer/ song writer is well known as the best rewarding and the most selling recording artist all throughout the time and also Billy Joel Vegas 2014described as the most sale-able soloist in the world. For instance, he has sold more than 14 million albums in the globe.

Moreover, the soloist has able to receive countless number of awards from his ambitious career; inclusion of six GRAMMY Awards and has also been inducted into the songwriter’s Hall of celebrity and fame as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of celebrity.

Take in note that the fans were recently pleased by Steinway and sons with a tinted portrait that hangs in Steinway Hall in Manhattan. Generally, Joel’s was known as the first non –conventional pianistic to be recognized in all the collections. This is to mean that in his final concert in 2010 at Shea stadium there was more than 110,000 fans.

I hope all the fans of Billy Joel in Las Vegas are eagerly waiting for this event. It is good to have your Billy Joel Las Vegas ticket right at the moment; the tickets are on sale and are too demand-able. The early you order the ticket, the cheap the price; this is because when the time of the event is coming closer the tickets also become expensive.

Have your ticket right at the moment and enjoy and have more fun during the event!

Apr 8 14

Cher is at the MGM Grand on May 25, 2014

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Cher is at the MGM Grand on May 25, 2014  and is what everyone is talking about. The people of Las Vegas are gearing up for this amazing event. Cher is planning to give it all she has and sing all of her hit songs. There will be time when people can get autographs, and she will even take a picture with a few lucky fans. Those who arrive earlier may have a better chance of achieving something like this.

Cher Dressed To Kill Tour Vegas 2014

Another amazing thing about this concert, Cher has friends all over this particular city, so, you never know what superstar is going to share the stage with her. This will be a concert that the entire family will enjoy. This concert is also going to be an all day event, where people can let loose and have fun the entire time. This is a night for the fans.
You never know with Cher, the fans may get a few cover songs, and sources also say that Cher will be singing a few songs that have never been heard before. This amazing artist is also known for getting the audience involved as possible. From the moment she takes the stage it will be a stunning event like nothing ever seen in this city. There is so much more than music and the night is so much more than a concert. There are special effects and other things that go on to make the night magical!

Every single person who has ever went to a Cher concert has been more than satisfied. Any website promoting Cher concerts will have reviews, and these reviews are from real fans who were at a concert of this particular artist. All of these reviews are positive, and all of these fans express how they did not want to leave the beautiful sight of this show.

Apr 3 14

The Las Vegas High Roller – Observation Wheel

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Ushering in a new era of excitement in entertainment, the Las Vegas High Roller, the world’s tallest observation wheel, officially opened on Monday, March 31 at The LINQ.

A variety of ticket packages for the attraction are now available for purchase online with daytime prices beginning at $24.95 plus applicable fees. Tickets may also be purchased on-site at the High Roller as well as locations throughout TheLINQ.com. The High Roller will operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

High Roller Ferris Wheel Las VegasStanding more than 100-feet taller than the iconic London Eye, the High Roller features 28 glass-enclosed cab-ins each equipped to hold up to 40 passengers. High Roller riders will be treated to unparalleled views of the Las Vegas Strip and surrounding valley during the 30 minutes it takes the wheel to complete one full rotation. The experience includes a dynamic video and music show that fades away seamlessly as the wheel ascends to showcase the most impressive views of the Las Vegas valley.

The High Roller serves as the stunning focal point of The LINQ, the innovative shopping, dining and entertain-ment district developed by Caesars Entertainment. With many unique venues and the tallest observation wheel in the world, The LINQ has redefined the Las Vegas entertainment experience.

Situated across from Caesars Palace, adjacent to Flamingo Las Vegas and The Quad Resort & Casino and between two monorail stops, the location of the High Roller at The LINQ makes the attraction conveniently accessible to both visitors and locals alike. Ample parking is available, including valet, at the east end of The LINQ. The High Roller is also easily accessible to pedestrians coming in from Las Vegas Boulevard.

In addition to the High Roller, The LINQ offers a wide variety of guest experiences and serves as the frequent host to special events, concerts, festivals and more.

Apr 1 14

2014 Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is known as the world hub of entertainment. It is here where Monster Jam fans will gather for the 2014 Monster Jam World Finals on March 20th-22nd. Anyone claiming to have experienced adrenaline has not done so until they have attended this event. It involves the world’s top 32 monster trucks competing for the highly sought after titles of Freestyle World Champion and Racing World Champion.

One of the reasons to attend this event is for the air of excitement it brings. No matter what brings one to the arena, they are sure to forget their troubles, stress or sadness once they see the monster trucks in action. It would be highly recommendable to attend as it is at the final stage and it is at the entertainment capital.

For those still deciding on tickets, the double down package is the way to go. This package will offer individuals the Monster Jam World Finals Vegas 2014ultimate 2014 Monster Jam World Finals experience. It is coupled with a series of benefits to those who choose it. Individuals will be able to enter the qualifying on Thursday, enter the Pit Party, engage in the Young Guns Shootout, and a free invite to the BBQ. They will also be able to get autographs from competitors before others unfortunate enough to get this package. Secondly, the lucky ticket holders will be able to enter the Friday and Saturday pit party early. This will help them avoid the large crowds present. These fans will receive special Double Down t-shirts in any size. A collector’s pin, a Double Down credential, the 2014 Monster Jam World Finals poster and DVD, great parking spaces and much more is available for Double Down ticket holders.

FOX Sports 1 Cletus which will be driven by Frank Kemal, Zombie by Sean Duron, Team Hot Wheels the Firestorm by Scott Buetow, the Monster Mutt Dalmatian by Candice Jolly, the Spiderman by Bari Musawir, the Digger by Ryan Anderson, Monster Mutt by Charlie Pauken, Meet Scooby Doo by Nicole Johnson, Wolverine by Pablo Huffaker, Captain America by Chad Fortune, Grave Digger by Adam Anderson, Bounty Hunter by Jim Cretan and so many more.

The event organizers have included a vast array of competitors competing within the three days. This is to display different kinds of skills of each driver. The monster trucks are also a sight to behold. Different trucks have different handling capability. First timers will enjoy the show and get to know more about monster trucks. Everyone is reminded not to try the stunts seen at home. They are extremely dangerous and should be attempted by trained professionals only.

This high level of professional ability is something the fans are guaranteed at the 2014 Monster Jam World Finals. No sloppy work or bad driving skills will be witnessed. All drivers are highly experienced. Everyone coming is urged not to leave any friends or relatives behind. Come and enjoy a one in a lifetime experience with others at Las Vegas on the 20th to 22nd.

Mar 26 14

Insomniac Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) 2014

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Insomniac Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) 2014 is quickly come up on us, June cannot get here soon enough for fans of the dance music festival. The festival is being held between June 20 to the 22nd at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Those attending the event will get to view some of the best DJs from around the world.

Some DJs appearing at EDC 2014 will be Avicii, who will be the headlining performer. Avicii is considered one of the best DJs in the entire world and you could get to see him at EDC live this June. Others DJs appearing live in a few months include Krewella, Steve Angella, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Bingo Players, and Boys Noise, among many others.

EDC Vegas 2014EDC began in 1996 and has since grown into the worldwide event it has become today. Fans of the dance music genre will be coming far and wide to experience the live party going down in Las Vegas in June. You could be among them this year, there’s no more reason to hold off another year, this could be the year you make it out there and party the weekend away. Running from dusk until dawn, this is one party that doesn’t stop just because someone is tired.

The best electronic dance music, the best of people, and the best DJs in the world in one of the best party cities in the world, what more could you ask for? Tickets will be on sale, but you’ll need to get your hands on them before they’re all sold out by the millions of other fans worldwide.

Will you be ready by June to experience one of the largest and most successful electronic dance events in the world? You’d better hope you are, the date is quickly approaching us and will be passing us by if we’re not acting quickly.

Mar 18 14

2014 Vegas Coin, Currency, Jewelry, Postcard and Stamp Expo

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Las Vegas being the most populous city in Nevada, has made a name for it self for being the leading center for shopping, nightlife, fine dining, and gambling. It also leads as cultural and financial center in the southern part of Nevada. This for a fact, Las Vegas can be said to be the world’s entertainment capital with a fast growing currency. Furthermore, the city has consolidated casinos that are ever busy. The City is also referred to as a sin city because of its leniency on adult content entertainment. Therefore, many people are normally projected to visit the City for the fun and entertainment that the good city provides.

Vegas coin stamp expo 2014In 2014 Las Vegas coin is expected to grow as a result of the booming art and entertainment industry. The city provides exceptional jewelry that attracts various people to visit and buy. The numerous entertainment opportunities in Las Vegas have enabled the city to identify, nurture and promote talent among the local youths. The talent promotion initiative has led to creation of more job opportunities and the country has also earned a lot of revenue from the booming entertainment industry.

Since communication is equally necessary for the growth of all sector especially the entertainment sector, Las Vegas has developed reliable and effective stamp Expo and postcard. The cities tourism industry has also grown remarkably, a factor that has greatly improved the domestic economy. The average house hold in this city earns an income of $ 53; however, Las Vegas is again one of the stressful cities in the US. In addition, a study release also indicates that it has high number of divorce cases because in Nevada, getting a divorce is much easier than any other state in the USA.

For sports lovers, Las Vegas does not have major league sports, even though it enjoys such a large population. However, there is a reason for that, most people around prefer game betting more than anything since through betting they earn dollars which is the currency.

Mar 13 14

2014 St Patrick’s Day Parade And Festival In Las Vegas

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The Luck of the Irish celebration comes to Las Vegas city on St. Patrick’s Day from March 14 – 17, 2014. The city of Henderson is the venue for this year’s 48th Annual Southern Nevada Sons and Daughters of Erin in time with the 2014 St.Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival. The week-end long celebration will culminate with a grand parade that will showcase the festive green and Irish traditional dances. Residents of Nevada and Las Vegas are all invited to attend the Parade that will kick off at the Henderson Events Plaza in Water St. on Sunday, March 16. Admission fees are complimentary and not a compulsory.

The four day celebration consists of a carnival, auto show, live musical concerts at the park, restaurants that feature Irish cuisine and shops that offer four leaf clover symbols (hats, shirts, mugs, etc.) and other St.Patrick’s Day souvenirs, bars offering the green beer and other Irish drinks (Guinness, Black and Tans, Bailey’s, etc.). There will be face painting booths to accommodate everyone who wants to look festive and join the event. All the shops will promote the particular hue and offer their own way of honoring the patron saint of Ireland.

The festivities will culminate with the grand Irish parade that is dotted with live performances from famous Irish bands, Celtic dancers, and traditional Irish costumes. The parade which is said to be the largest and most colorful procession that will happen in Nevada this year will feature 100 acknowledged entries that will follow the theme for this year called “Shamrock and Shenanigans”. Come and witness this year’s proceedings which promise to be colorful, festive, and fun filled with live entertainment.

All of the gathered proceeds from this year’s festivities for the 2014 St.Patrick’s Day Parade and Festival will benefit the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. It is a foundation that has a lifetime commitment and dedication to raise money looking for a cure for cancer and childhood cancer research.

Mar 11 14

The Da Vinci The Exhibition at the Venetian in Las Vegas

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If you’re an art fan, you’ve probably heard that the Da Vinci The Exhibition at the Venetian March 12, 2014 will be one of the biggest and best exhibits for art lovers in recent years. The exhibit will be open to the public from Sundays through Thursdays, from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. The art exhibit will be open until 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. There will be ample time to visit and see the art of one of the most world-renowned artists in the world, Da Vinci.

The upcoming exhibit will feature some of the most brilliant work the artist ever completed in his time. In total there will be 65 inventions and machines, Da Vinci’s advanced anatomical studies and the paintings that made him famous and were passed down through history.

Guests will have the luxury of exploring interactive displays to gain a hands-on understanding of how Da Vinci thought when he was creating these works of wonder. Viewers can spend as much time as they like between the opening and closing hours exploring the exhibit and guiding themselves through the artwork.

Never have art fans had such an opportunity to look into the mind of one of the most brilliant men alive in this world. And, best of all, you’ll be able to get up close and personal to the famous artworks, like the Mona Lisa. The exhibit is allowing this due to the artwork being perfect replications, which means you can check out the detail in the paintings as if they were the originals.

If you have any love of Da Vinci or art in general, the Venetian is where you will want to be on March 12th for opening day. Get there before the masses and experience the art that made a man famous throughout history.

Mar 5 14

The Best of Rod Stewart in Vegas April 30 through May 17

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Craving for the best of the R&B music, then Las Vegas is the place to visit and experience the best of Rod Stewart in Vegas April 30 through May 17. There will be sensational shows by one the legendry R&B vocalist and British rock singer, Roderick David “Rod” Stewart, CBE. The Scottish who is one of the popular celebrities in the show biz industry across the globe will be performing his best numbers to his fans in Las Vegas.

The upcoming show will be one of the record breaking shows graced by this electrifying artist who current music records sold worldwide is far above 100 million records. The upcoming magnificent presentation will feature a new member of the band, his daughter Ruby joining him to present the thrilling pieces “Forever Young” produced in 1988. Also, the Rod-Stewart-Vegas-2014April show will feature “It’s Over”, “they treat me like I’m Elvis Tonight’s and Rhythm of My Heart. Other exciting items that you should expect are “Have You Ever Seen the Rain”, “Tonight’s the Night”, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” This Old Heart of Mine amidst other fine lovely music by the celebrity. The music legend will perfectly mix the old genre music with the newly modernized powerful presentations.

The upcoming performance of the English music legend of one of the latest-of-art stage in Las Vegas is going to be one of the memorable moments that you cannot afford to miss. You should plan and come to attend these breathtaking “Rod Stewart: The Hit Performance” chain of shows in Las Vegas with your spouse, fiancee or loved one and listen to some of the best and popular love music that have been arranged for quite some time. Also, the fans will have an opportunity to join the rocking music legend Rod Stewart on the stage and sing some of his amazing lyrics to their satisfaction.

Make a date and come the best of Rod Stewart in Vegas April 30 through May 17 and get entertained with a passionate song writer of all the time with a career extending to more than five decades back.

Feb 25 14

RockTellz and CockTails brings The Jacksons to Vegas!

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The musical group and Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame inductees “The Jacksons” are coming to Las Vegas and RockTellz & Cocktails are to thank. The Jacksons are coming to the Las Vegas strip at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

The Jacksons Las Vegas 2014

The Jacksons, including Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon, will perform 40 shows starting February 20 at the PH Showroom. This show will be full of energy and like nothing else on the strip. It will feature a full-on concert, hit songs and intimate, personal stories of music’s most celebrated and fascinating stars.

You will be taken on an unforgettable journey through the Jacksons’ historic lives and influential musical career. This is a must see show in Las Vegas and won’t be around forever. So get tickets to see The Jacksons live before this once in a lifetime opportunity runs out. VegasTickets.com has tickets on sale now. Click Here for dates, times and tickets.