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Black Sabbath Tickets Vegas

Black Sabbath Tickets Las Vegas

Black Sabbath are out on their “The End” tour and have a scheduled stop at the Mandalay Bay – Events Center in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, February 13, 2016 at 7:30PM.  Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Lommi and Geezer Butler are closing the final chapter in the final volume of the Black Sabbath Story.  Kicking off the tour on January 20 this tour promises to surpass all previous tours and be the biggest, sensational production ever.  The scheduled stop at the opulent Mandalay Bay will take place inside the 12,000 seat sports and entertainment complex that has hosted everything from massive headliners like Black Sabbath to monster UFC fights, as well as TV specials like the Latin Grammy Awards, this venue is world-class and so are the acts they schedule there.  Black Sabbath are an English rock band formed in 1968, by Tony Lommi, Geezer Butler, and frontman Ozzie Osbourne along with drummer Bill Ward.  They became international legends with their occult themed horror-inspired lyrics.  The controversial songs were composed of social instability, political corruption, drug abuse as well as apocalyptic prophecies of the horrors of war.  Black Sabbath is cited as pioneers of heavy metal music, they have sold over 70 million records worldwide that include a RIAA-certified 15 million in the US.  In addition it is said that Black Sabbath should be credited for laying the ground work for sub-genres stoner rock, sludge metal, thrash metal, black metal and doom metal as well as the alternative subgenre grunge.  Guitarist credit Tony Lommi as the pioneer of lighter gauge guitar strings that he developed.  

Black Sabbath Vegas

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At the very beginning, the band known today as Black Sabbath formed with the intent of pursing a blues rock sound. Fans may forget, but, as this was in the late 1960s, this was par for the course for any group that did not want to become a pop rock outfit. It took a while and a couple name changes (the original name was the Polka Tulk Blues Band), but eventually the guys discovered the sound and approach that have made Black Sabbath tickets and albums some of the most popular over the course of the last four decades.

The original four guys were guitarist Tony Iommi, drummer Bill Ward, bassist Geezer Butler, and signer Ozzy Osbourne (who may have never been contacted by the group if not for the fact that he had his own PA). The group made the shift to a darker, demonic sound after noting how much people enjoyed horror movies. A name change, to Black Sabbath from Earth, and a new song, “The Devil’s Interval”, meant the band had found its way.

Black Sabbath released two albums before their first commercial success. That success, Master of Reality, was preceded by the self-titled debut and the oft-cited influential heavy metal album Paranoid. Today all three are held in high regard and songs like “Iron Man” and “Paranoid” are metal radio mainstays.

By the middle of the1970s, the band had slowed down, taken more time to tour, and approached the recording studio with a little more patience. This paid off as Black Sabbath Vol. 4 and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath became hits, but as the new world of metal grew in popularity more bands emerged. In addition to more competition, drugs and internal strife took their toll. In 1979 the group fired Ozzy Osbourne. Still, the band played on with a host of lead singers taking Ozzy’s place.

Without Ozzy, the popularity waned, with Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules being the last commercial hits. Eventually the group reunited and today Iommi, Butler, and Ozzy have taken up touring again. Black Sabbath fills out the rest of the lineup with touring musicians, but has returned to the recording studio in the 21st century.

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