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Alejandro Fernandez Tickets

Alejandro Fernandez Tickets Las Vegas

Venue: MGM Grand

Alejandro has been wowing crowds world-wide since his first international release in 1995. He then went on the next year, 1996 to have his song “Puedes llegar” used as the theme for the 1996  Atlanta Olympics, pretty impressive resume so early being both of these happened within the first ten years of his career.

Beloved by fans and audiences alike, fans and media have nicknamed him “El Protrilla” (The Colt). In his career he has sold over 30 million records world-wide. Born the son of Ranchera singer Vicente Fernandez, Alejandro originally specialized in earthy tones of Mexican folk music, like mariachi and ranchera singer but has since successfully branched out into pop music also.

While Alejandro has a light tenor tessitura, leaning more towards his favored spinto tenor. His voice is lyrical even when just speaking, when he sings he does it with such a mastery of the craft that he can simultaneously perform romantic ballads, ranchera and pop music.  During his live performances his starts every show with his ranchera repertoire, then after he removes it to play pop his crowds love the diversity in his shows. The women love his sad sweet voice the rest of the world loves him because of his extraordinary talent.

Alejandro Fernandez Tickets VegasHis love for his country and its traditional instruments is more than evident in many of his pieces if you listen. His passion for other people or events is also throughout his many romantic ballads.

His career has lasted over two decades and if you ask his fans it is because of his ability to bring romance and passion to any music lover.

Alejandro Fernandez Tickets

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Alejandro Fernandez Tickets

Alejandro Fernandez Career As A World Famous Crossover Artist

The Alejandro Fernandez career has spanned two decades. It honors his Mexican-Creole roots, as well as his love for popular music. The artist is full of passion both for his people and his country. His love shines through in each solo recording and collaboration with other famous Latin singers.

Alejandro Fernandez was born in 1971 in Mexico City. He comes from a long line of Mexican-Creoles and was raised listening to their spirited, passionate music. These performers were full of a sense of honor and pride for their heritage. As an example, when he was six years old and struggling with a near panic attack while performing, his father joined him on stage and sang along.

The artist released his first album in 1992. He followed its release with a tour of the United States and Mexico. Though all of the songs were written by other artists, this self-titled album gave him several hit singles.

In the late and mid-nineties, the artist had the opportunity to collaborate with Emilio Estefan Jr., husband and producer of the famous Florida vocalist Gloria Estefan. He would go on to sing with several other renowned Spanish and Latin artists including Julio Iglesias, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras. His theme song for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, "Puedes Llegar" was performed in concert with Estefan, Jon Secada and Ricky Martin. Alejandro had many successful collaborations with other artists in the early part of this century. He went on a very successful tour with Marc Anthony and Chayanne in 2005.

Through the soulful, romantic nature of his music, he has earned international acclaim. In the year 2000, his album Entre Tuz Brazos featured music penned by his own hand and gave his career another huge boost. One of his biggest honors has been a star on the legendary Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2005.

The latest album from the musician is a huge, dual CD release honoring both his love for Mexican ranchera and popular music styles. Its name, Dos Mundos, reflects the duality of his soulful, romantic style. He is currently on tour promoting his latest body of work in North and South America.

Fernandez is loved by fans on both continents for his tremendously passionate tunes. His love for his country and its traditional instruments and rhythms is evident in many of his pieces. He also displays an overwhelming passion for other people through his many romantic and inspiring ballads. He is rapidly gaining in popularity because of his ability to bring romance and passion to any music lover.

Alejandro Fernandez' career has lasted two decades and featured his tremendous passions in life. His love for his Mexican-Creole roots and popular rock music is evident in every one of his albums. He has had many soulful collaborations with other famous artists including Gloria Estefan, Marc Anthony and Placido Domingo. He has also made a name for himself with his solo pieces and is loved by North and South American fans alike. He has been honored with his song "Puedes Llegar" being used for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games and with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

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